Health Assessment in Nursing, Fifth edition

Janet R. Weber,
Professor, Director, RN-BSN, Program Department of Nursing Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Jane H.
Kelley, RN, PhD
Adjunct Professor School of Nursing Indiana Wesleyan University Louisville, Kentucky

Pages: 912
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health
Edition: 5th, 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-4511-4280-8


Innovative, systematic, and easy to understand, Health Assessment in Nursing has already helped thousands of RN-level students develop the comprehensive knowledge base and expert nursing assessment skills necessary for accurate collection of client data.

In this revised Fifth Edition, the authors provide in-depth, accurate information, a compelling Continuing Case Study that covers every step in the assessment process, a focus on diversity and health assessment through the lifespan, a striking photo and illustration program that includes photos of practicing registered nurses and nurse practitioners performing assessments, dynamic online video clips and animations, and much more.

Using this book you'll have everything at your fingertips to master the knowledge and assessment skills you'll need in your nursing career. -- Master the "how-to's" of conducting a nursing assessment through the real world Continuing Case Study in every chapter that introduces a client with a health concern, guides you through investigation of symptoms using the COLDSPA mnemonic, and demonstrates a physical assessment, proper documentation techniques, diagnostic reasoning, and appropriate nursing conclusions. -- Access an easy-to-understand tool for data collection with the Collecting Subjective Data: Nursing Health History table, which presents Information in two columns: Questions that you will ask the client and Rationales explaining why the questions are important. -- Master every aspect of the physical examination through the Collecting Objective Data: Physical Examination table, which illustrates physical examination procedures in a step-by-step fashion across three columns: Assessment Procedure (which explains and illustrates exactly how to perform specific aspects of the examination), Normal Findings, and Abnormal Findings. -- Identify important distinctions through hundreds of photos exhibited in the Abnormal Findings displays.

1 Nurse’s Role in Health Assessment:
Collecting and Analyzing Data — 1
2 Collecting Subjective Data: The Interview
and Health History — 12
3 Collecting Objective Data: The Physical
Examination — 32
4 Validating and Documenting Data — 51
5 Thinking Critically to Analyze Data and Make
Informed Nursing Judgments — 65
6 Assessing Mental Status and Substance
Abuse — 73
7 Assessing Psychosocial, Cognitive,
and Moral Development — 99
8 Assessing General Status and
Vital Signs — 123
9 Assessing Pain: The 5th Vital Sign — 143
10 Assessing for Violence — 160
11 Assessing Culture — 177
12 Assessing Spirituality and
Religious Practices — 197
13 Assessing Nutritional Status — 211
14 Assessing Skin, Hair, and Nails — 239
15 Assessing Head and Neck — 273
16 Assessing Eyes — 295
17 Assessing Ears — 328
18 Assessing Mouth, Throat, Nose,
and Sinuses — 346
19 Assessing Thorax and Lungs — 369
20 Assessing Breasts and Lymphatic
System — 396
21 Assessing Heart and Neck Vessels — 416
22 Assessing Peripheral Vascular System — 447
23 Assessing Abdomen — 473
24 Assessing Musculoskeletal System — 507
25 Assessing Neurologic System — 545
26 Assessing Male Genitalia and Rectum — 582
27 Assessing Female Genitalia and
Rectum — 612
28 Pulling It All Together: Integrated
Head-to-Toe Assessment — 645
29 Assessing Childbearing Women — 665
30 Assessing Newborns and Infants — 693
31 Assessing Children and Adolescents — 730
32 Assessing Older Adults — 787
33 Assessing Families — 827
34 Assessing Communities — 842
A Nursing History Guide — 857
B Physical Assessment Guide — 859
C NANDA Approved Nursing Diagnoses
2012–2014 — 864
D Selected Collaborative Problems — 867
E Canada’s Food Guide — 869
Glossary — 872
Index — 877

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