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Thread: History of AOVet: The First 40 Years

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    Default History of AOVet: The First 40 Years

    History of AOVet
    by Jörg A Auer, Ortrun Pohler


    Pages: 97
    Publisher: AO Foundation
    Edition: 2013
    Language: English
    ISBN: --


    Traditionally, in recent centuries in rural settings veterinarians were mainly occupied with the treatment of horses and cattle, which were mostly working and/or food-producing animals. If necessary they also took care of “small animals”, such as cats and dogs, as well as other domesticated animals. Expensive treatments were not afforded to cats and dogs as
    replacement was so natural and inexpensive. In the midnineteenth century the disappearance of horses as working animals and the advent of industrialization with increasing introduction of machines, such as tractors, had a strong impact on veterinarians not only regarding their professional identity but also economically [1–9]. Since then, horses have been primarily used for pleasure riding or various sports activities, such as racing, dressage, and show jumping, while cattle have been kept as food and fiber-producing animals.

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