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Thread: The Comparative Physiology of the Pancreatic Islets

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    Default The Comparative Physiology of the Pancreatic Islets

    The Comparative Physiology of the Pancreatic Islets
    by A. Epple, J. E. Brinn

    Series: Zoophysiology (Volume 21)
    Pages: 223
    Publisher: ---
    Edition: 1st ed., 1987
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0387181571
    ISBN-13: 978-3-642-83184-3


    1. Introduction.- 1.1 Landmarks in Islet Research.- 1.2 The Islet Organ: New Interpretations of an Old Gland.- 1.3 Terminology.- 2. The Evolution of the Islet Organ.- 2.1 Islet Hormones Before the Islet Organ.- 2.2 Extrapancreatic Origin of Islet Hormones in Vertrebrates.- 2.2.1 Insulin.- 2.2.2 Glucagon.- 2.2.3 Pancreatic Polypeptide.- 2.2.4 Somatostatin.- 2.3 Early Interactions in Islet Evolution: Islet Organ, Protopancreas, Liver, and Their Vascular Links.- 3. Ontogeny of the Gnathostome Pancreas Tissues.- 4. Comparative Cytology of the Islet Organ.- 4.1 Agnatha.- 4.2 Gnathostomes.- 4.3 Islet Structure: Phylogenetic Trends.- 5. The Exocrine Pancreas.- 6. Insulo-Acinar Interactions.- 7. Nervous Regulation of Islet Functions.- 7.1 Pathways.- 7.2 Control of Islet Hormone Secretion.- 7.2.1 Insulin.- 7.2.2 Glucagon.- 7.2.3 Pancreatic Polypeptide.- 7.2.4 Somatostatin.- 7.3 Conclusions.- 8. Hormonal Control of Pancreatic Islet Functions.- 8.1 Adrenomedullary-Insular Interactions.- 8.1.1 Problems in the Use of Exogenous Catecholamines.- 8.1.2 Comparative Aspects.- 8.2 The Entero-Insular Axis.- 9. Functional Strategies of the Islet Organ.- 9.1 Multiple Secretions.- 9.1.1 Major Islet Hormones.- 9.1.2 Co-Released Peptides.- 9.1.3 Small Messenger Molecules.- 9.1.4 Chromogranin A (CGA/SP-I).- 9.2 Multiple Routes of Communication.- 9.3 Local Interactions of Islet Cell Secretions: Terra Incognita.- 10. Insulin.- 10.1 Molecular Structure and Related Compounds.- 10.1.1 The Insulin Molecule.- 10.1.2 Related Compounds.- 10.2 Antigenicity, Assays, and Endogenous Titers.- 10.3 The Physiology of Insulin Before Birth.- 10.4 The Physiology of Insulin in Postnatal Vertebrates.- 10.4.1 Mammalia.- 10.4.2 Cyclostomata.- 10.4.3 Chondrichthyes.- 10.4.4 Actinopterygii.- 10.4.5 Dipnoi.- 10.4.6 Amphibia.- 10.4.7 Reptilia.- 10.4.8 Ayes.- 10.4.9 Conclusions.- 11. Glucagon.- 11.1 Molecular Structure and Related Compounds.- 11.2 Antigenicity, Assays, and Endogenous Titers.- 11.3 Glucagon Before Birth.- 11.4 The Physiology of Islet Glucagon in Postnatal Vertebrates.- 11.4.1 Mammalia.- 11.4.2 Cyclostomata.- 11.4.3 Chondrichthyes.- 11.4.4 Actinopterygii.- 11.4.5 Dipnoi.- 11.4.6 Amphibia.- 11.4.7 Reptilia.- 11.4.8 Aves.- 11.4.9 Conclusions.- 12. Pancreatic Polypeptide.- 12.1 Molecular Structure and Related Compounds.- 12.2 PP Antigenicity, Assays, and Endogenous Titers.- 12.3 The Physiology of Islet PP.- 12.4 Conclusions.- 13. Somatostatin.- 13.1 Molecular Structure and Related Compounds.- 13.2 Antigenicity, Assays, and Endogenous Titers.- 13.3 The Physiology of Islet Somatostatin.- 13.4 Conclusions.- 14. Summary and Perspectives.- References.- Subject and Species Index.

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