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Thread: Avian Viruses: Function and Control

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    Default Avian Viruses: Function and Control

    Avian Viruses: Function and Control

    by Branson W. Ritchie

    Pages: 515
    Publisher: ---
    Edition: 1st., 1995
    Language: English
    ISBN: 0-9636996-3-6


    Avian Viruses: Function and Control provides a basis for understanding the nature of viruses and how they are capable of causing disease, as well as giving the general methods used to diagnose these infections.
    Written for veterinarians, aviculturists, companion bird enthusiasts, ornithologists, zoological personnel and wildlife management officials, it provides the readers with an easy-to-understand, easy-to-access overview of the viruses that infect companion, aviary and free-ranging birds.

    preface xv
    1. an overview of viruses
    a clinical challenge; avian virology - past, present and future; characteristics of viruses; viral taxonomy; viral infection and replication; growing viruses in the laboratory; where did viruses come from? ;treating viral infections;
    2. infection and disease
    disease in bird populations; outcome of virus exposure; types of infections; the bird-virus interaction
    3. viral attack and avian response
    factors in viral transmission; viral entry into a host; defense mechanisms; immune system competence
    4. diagnosing viral infections
    diagnostic procedures; accuracy of diagnostic tests; types of diagnostic tests
    5. preventing viral infections
    a clean environment; quarantine; boarding; cleaning and disinfection; characteristics of specific disinfectants; vaccines
    6. papovaviridae
    papillomaviruses and papillomas; papillomatosis; polyomaviruses
    7. herpesviridae
    herpesviruses in psittaciformes; herpesviruses in columbiformes; herpesviruses that principally affect galliformes; herpesviruses of falconiformes and strigiformes; herpesviruses in anseriformes; herpesviruses in gruiformes and ciconiiformes; herpesviruses in passeriformes; other herpesviruses
    8. clrcoviridae
    psittacine beak and feather disease; circovirus in pigeons
    9. paramyxoviridae
    paramyxovirus 1; paramyxovirus 2; paramyxovirus 3; paramyxovirus 4; paramyxovirus 5; other paramyxoviruses; paramyxoviruses in columbiformes; other species-specific paramyxovirus diseases; pneumoviruses - turkey tracheitis virus
    10. poxviridae
    clinical features: general considerations; epizootiology; species-specific poxvirus diseases
    11. adenoviridae
    psittacine birds; pheasants - marble spleen disease; adenovirus in turkeys; adenovirus in chickens; adenovirus in quail; adenoviruses in guinea fowl and grouse; adenoviruses in ostriches; adenovirus in pigeons; adenovirus in raptors; adenovirus in waterfowl; egg drop syndrome
    12. reoviridae
    orthoreoviruses; species-specific reoviral diseases; orbiviruses; rotaviruses
    13. orthomyxoviridae
    influenza a viruses; influenza a virus in ratites
    14. retroviridae
    avian leukosis/sarcoma viruses; reticuloendotheliosis viruses
    15. togaviridae
    alphaviruses and eastern equine encephalitis virus; western equine encephalitis virus; species-specific encephalitic diseases; venezuelian equine encephalitis virus; other togaviruses in birds
    16. other avian viruses
    coronaviridae; picornaviridae; birnaviridae; flaviviridae; astrovirus; hepadnaviridae; parvoviridae; rhabdoviridae
    17. proventricular dilatation disease
    i disease summaries
    ii virus features
    iii virus synonyms
    iv glossary
    v resources

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