Marek's Disease: Scientific Basis and Methods of Control
Edited by L. N. Payne

Series: Developments in Veterinary Virology
Pages: 359
Publisher: ---
Edition: 1st ed. 1985
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1461296358
ISBN-13: 978-1461296355


Take a disease of complex pathology with inflammatory and neoplastic features, which affects lymphoid and neural tissues, belonging to a disease group which killed one chicken in five, and which defied efforts to understand and control it for ! More than 50 years, and one can begin to appreciate the interest Marek's disease has received. Canpound these characteristics with the finding of the causal herpesvirus, its recog­ nition as the neoplasm first discovered to be so caused, and its prevention by vaccination, and the special place of Marek's disease in veterinary medicine and comparative oncology becomes clear. This book sets out to provide an authoritative and comprehensive account of knowledge of Marek's disease and its control. I hope that it will be of value to veterinary research workers, teachers and students who need information about the disease, to veterinarians, poultrymen and vaccine manufacturers who have to diagnose and control it, and to oncologists in other fields interested in comparative aspects. other reviews of the disease exist, of course, but this is the first multi­ authored book devoted to the subject.
Front Matter....Pages i-xv
Historical Review....Pages 1-15
Clinical Disease and Its Economic Impact....Pages 17-42
Pathology....Pages 43-75
Characteristics of the Virus....Pages 77-112
Molecular Biology of the Virus....Pages 113-150
Laboratory Diagnosis....Pages 151-175
Immunity....Pages 177-201
Principles of Vaccination....Pages 203-250
Production of Vaccines....Pages 251-265
Quality Control and Standardization of Vaccines....Pages 267-291
Genetic Resistance....Pages 293-328
Spread of Marek’s Disease....Pages 329-340

Control of Marek’s Disease by the Poultry Industry : Practical Considerations....Pages 341-349
Back Matter....Pages 351-359

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