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Thread: Leanness in Domestic Birds: Genetic, Metabolic and Hormonal Aspects

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    Default Leanness in Domestic Birds: Genetic, Metabolic and Hormonal Aspects

    Leanness in Domestic Birds: Genetic, Metabolic and Hormonal Aspects
    Edited by B. Leclercq, C. C. Whitehead

    Pages: 405
    Publisher: ---
    Edition: 1st ed., 1988
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0408010363
    ISBN-13: 978-0408010368


    Chapter 1 - Strategies of selection for leanness in meat production, Pages 3-23, J. Mallard, M. Douaire
    Chapter 2 - Genetic selection of meat-type chickens for high or low abdominal fat content, Pages 25-40, B. Leclercq
    Chapter 3 - Selection for leanness in broilers using plasma lipoprotein concentration as selection criterion, Pages 41-57, C.C. Whitehead
    Chapter 4 - Selection for leanness: results of the Spelderholt experiment, Pages 59-69, F.R. Leenstra
    Chapter 5 - Experimental divergent selection on abdominal fat in broilers — parental female and male type lines and their crosses, Pages 71-86, A. Cahaner
    Chapter 6 - Development of lean and fat lines of chickens by sire family selection procedures, Pages 87-93, M.S. Lilburn, D.J. Myers-Miller
    Chapter 7 - Relationships between feed intake, energy balance and adiposity, Pages 97-107, J.M. Forbes
    Chapter 8 - Energy metabolism in genetically fat and lean birds and mammals, Pages 109-120, M.G. MacLeod, P.A. Geraert
    Chapter 9 - Intermittent feeding responses in genetically fat and lean chickens, Pages 121-123, F.L. Lefebvre, S.P. Touchburn, C.W. Chan
    Chapter 10 - Hyperphagia is not the primary cause of fatness in broilers selected for high plasma lipoprotein concentration, Pages 125-126, C.C. Whitehead
    Chapter 11 - The influence on leanness of selection for feed efficiency, Pages 127-128, P. Sørensen
    Chapter 12 - Divergent selection for residual feed intake in laying hens: effects on growth and fatness, Pages 129-132, M. Tixier, A. Bordas, P. Merat
    Chapter 13 - The influence of intermittent light on broiler performance and on patterns of food intake, Pages 133-134, J. Buyse, E. Decuypere
    Chapter 14 - Size and enzyme activity in the gastrointestinal tract of broiler lines divergently selected on abdominal fat, Pages 135-137, Z. Nitsan, S. Keren-Zvi, I. Nir, A. Cahaner
    Chapter 15 - Fat deposition in birds, Pages 141-174, I. Nir, Z. Nitsan, S. Keren-Zvi
    Chapter 16 - Plasma lipoprotein metabolism and fattening in poultry, Pages 175-201, H. Griffin, D. Hermier
    Chapter 17 - Avian adipose tissue: growth and metabolism, Pages 203-222, S.C. Butterwith
    Chapter 18 - Activities of NADPH-generating enzymes in genetically fat and lean chickens, Pages 223-228, E.A. Asante, G. Bulfield
    Chapter 19 - Selecting broilers for high or low plasma VLDL concentration: comparison of in vivo lipogenesis between fat and lean lines, Pages 229-231, E.A. Asante, H.D. Griffin
    Chapter 20 - Hepatic Δ9 desaturating activity in genetically lean and fat chickens, Pages 233-234, P. Legrand, P. Lemarchal
    Chapter 21 - Plasma phospholipids and triglycerides in four experimental lines genetically different in their fattening, Pages 235-237, B. Leclercq, G. Guy
    Chapter 22 - In vitro sensitivity of adipocytes from lean or fat chickens to glucagon and to an analogue of adenosine, Pages 239-242, B. Leclercq, B. Chevalier, M. Derouet, J. Simon
    Chapter 23 - Pancreatic hormones other than insulin in birds, Pages 245-252, P. Mialhe, H. Karmann, F. Laurent, R. Gross
    Chapter 24 - Insulin in birds: metabolic effects and possible implications in genetically fat and lean chickens, Pages 253-268, J. Simon
    Chapter 25 - Insulin secretion in birds, Pages 269-294, N. Rideau
    Chapter 26 - Thyroid hormones, corticosterone, growth hormone and somatomedins in avian species: general effects and possible implications in fattening, Pages 295-312, E. Decuypere, J. Buyse
    Chapter 27 - Plasma thyroid hormone levels in divergent lines of lean and fat broilers, Pages 313-321, M.A. Mitchell
    Chapter 28 - Plasma pancreatic hormones in genetically fat and lean chickens, Pages 323-325, H.D. Dimock, E.B. Marliss, S.P. Touchburn
    Chapter 29 - Correlations between plasma glucose and adiposity in genetically fat and lean chickens, Pages 327-328, F.L. Lefebvre, S.P. Touchburn, J.F. Hayes, C.W. Chan
    Chapter 30 - Protein turnover and energy metabolism in animals: interactions in leanness and obesity, Pages 331-361, G.E. Lobley
    Chapter 31 - Amino acid and protein metabolism in genetically lean and fat lines of chickens, Pages 363-374, C.L. Saunderson
    Chapter 32 - Selection for leanness and carcass quality, Pages 377-386, F.H. Ricard, C. Touraille
    Chapter 33 - Commercial consequences of selecting for leanness in poultry, Pages 387-396, M.S. Lilburn
    Chapter 34 - Conclusions of the symposium: objectives, results and future developments, Pages 399-401, B. Leclercq

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