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Thread: Molecular Geometry of Body Pattern in Birds

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    Default Molecular Geometry of Body Pattern in Birds

    Molecular Geometry of Body Pattern in Birds
    by A. Lima-de-Faria

    Pages: 162
    Publisher: ---
    Edition: 1st ed., 2012
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 3642253008
    ISBN-13: 978-3642253003


    • Puts together the most recent data available on bird studies
    • Presents the last findings in molecular biology related to avian structure and function
    • Has a multidisciplinary character

    After having read this book you will never see birds in the same way again.

    The unexpected patterns displayed by a bird’s body have been seen as bizarre events that demanded little attention or were described as ‘amazing curiosities’.

    None of these surprising features seem to be coincidental. Rather, they appear to be an integral part of a rigid order and a coherent geometry, which is directed by simple gene interactions and molecular cascades occurring at various cellular levels, and at different times, during the organism’s development.

    This novel geometry unfolds in front of your eyes, giving the body configurations another meaning.

    Lima-de-Faria is Professor Emeritus of Molecular Cytogenetics at Lund University, Lund, Sweden. This is his sixth book dealing with the molecular organization of the chromosome and its implications for the understanding of the mechanisms responsible for biological evolution.

    1 Introduction
    2 The Molecular Determination of a Bird’s Pattern
    3 The Occurrence of Conspicuous Feathers at Different Body Locations and Their Genetic Interdependence
    4 The Evolution of the Birds
    5 The Bird Genome and the Molecular Determination of Wings, Legs and Beaks
    6 The Mental Ability of Birds Takes Many Forms
    7 How to Redesign the Body Pattern of an Organism
    8 The Molecular Geometry
    9 The Symmetry of Birds Emerges as the Expression of an Uninterrupted Atomic Order

    10 Order is Present at Every Level But is not Total
    11 A Bird’s Plumage is a Stage Curtain Hiding a Molecular Scenario – An Overview

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