Perception and Motor Control in Birds: An Ecological Approach
Edited by M.N.O. Davies, P.R. Green

Pages: 364
Publisher: ---
Edition: 1st ed., 1994
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3642758711
ISBN-13: 978-3642758713


Being both broad - perception and motor organization - and narrow - just onegroup of animals - at the same time, this book presents a new unified framework for understanding perceptuomotor organization, stressing the importance of an ecological perspective. Section I reviews recent research on a variety of sensory and perceptual processes in birds, which all involve subtle analyses of the relationships between species' perceptual mechanisms and their ecology and behaviour. Section II describes the variousresearch approaches - behavioural, neurophysiological, anatomical and comparative - all dealing with the common problem of understanding how the activities of large numbers of muscles are coordinated to generate adaptive behaviour. Section III is concerned with a range of approaches to analyzing the links between perceptual and motor processes, through cybernetic modelling, neurophysiological analysis, and behavioural methods.
Introduction to Section I....Pages 1-3
Form and Function in the Optical Structure of Bird Eyes....Pages 5-34
Functional Accommodation in Birds....Pages 35-53
Binocular Depth Perception....Pages 54-73
Sound Cues to Distance: The Perception of Range....Pages 74-94
Avian Orientation: Multiple Sensory Cues and the Advantage of Redundancy....Pages 95-119
Introduction to Section II....Pages 121-123
Neuroembryology of Motor Behaviour in Birds....Pages 125-134
Pre- and Postnatal Development of Wing-Flapping and Flight in Birds: Embryological, Comparative and Evolutionary Perspectives....Pages 135-159
Development of Prehensile Feeding in Ring Doves (Streptopelia risoria): Learning Under Organismic and Task Constraints....Pages 160-181
Ingestive Behaviour and the Sensorimotor Control of the Jaw....Pages 182-200
Motor Organization of the Avian Head-Neck System....Pages 201-221
Introduction to Section III....Pages 223-225
Course Control During Flight....Pages 227-247
The Analysis of Motion in the Visual Systems of Birds....Pages 248-269
An Eye or Ear for Flying....Pages 270-291
Directional Hearing in Owls: Neurobiology, Behaviour and Evolution....Pages 292-314
Tuning of Visuomotor Coordination During Prey Capture in Water Birds....Pages 315-338
Multiple Sources of Depth Information: An Ecological Approach....Pages 339-356

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