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Thread: Poultry Meat and Egg Production

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    Default Poultry Meat and Egg Production

    Poultry Meat and Egg Production
    By CarmenR. Parkhurst, George J. Mountney

    Pages: 294
    Publisher: ---
    Edition: 1st ed., 1988
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1-4757-0685-7


    Poultry Meat and Egg Production has been prepared primarily for use as a text for students taking their first courses in poultry management. The general overall science and production practices currently in use in the industry have been characterized and described so that the student can gain insight into the industry. Reading portions of chapters before the lecture discussions and laboratory sessions will be helpful in giving students an understanding of the material. Also, this gives the instructor an opportunity to emphasize in the lectures areas of current concern in the industry, and to present topics of his or her choice in greater detail.

    1 The Poultry Industry.- Biological Classification.- Domestication.- American Poultry Association Classification.- Commercial Classification.- Poultry as Food-Producing Animals.- Poultry as Laboratory Animals.- World Poultry Production.- The United States Poultry Industry.- Consumption of Poultry Products.- Careers in the Poultry Industry.- References.- 2 Anatomy and Structure of the Fowl.- Feathers.- Skin.- Muscles.- Skeleton.- Circulatory System.- Body Temperature.- Respiration.- Digestion.- Mouth and Esophagus.- Crop and Proventriculus.- Gizzard.- Pancreas.- Liver.- Small Intestine.- Ceca.- Large Intestine, Rectum, and Cloaca.- Excretory System.- Nervous System.- Avian Senses.- Endocrine Organs.- References.- 3 Physiology and Reproduction in Poultry.- Endocrine System.- Physiology of Reproduction.- Reproduction.- References.- 4 Genetics and Poultry Breeding.- The Cell Theory.- Cell Division.- Gene Function.- Genetic Code.- Mutations.- Phenotypic Expression (Nonadditive).- Phenotypic Expression of Genes (Additive).- Heritability Estimates.- Selection.- Current Breeding Systems.- Strain Crosses.- Crossbreeding.- Selecting Superior Genetic Stock.- Progeny Testing.- Sources of Genetic Stock.- Breeds and Varieties of Chickens.- The Utilitarian Concept.- Future Poultry Genetics and Breeding.- Lethal Genes.- Parthenogenesis.- References.- 5 Incubation and Hatchery Management.- Poultry Reproduction.- Storage and Selection of Hatching Eggs.- Embryonic Development.- Extraembryonic Membranes.- Daily Embryonic Growth.- Embryonic Nutrition.- Embryonic Communication.- Embryology in Research and Teaching.- Artificial Incubation.- Modern Incubators.- Temperature.- Relative Humidity.- Air Supply.- Hatching Egg Positions.- Embryonic Mortality.- The National Poultry Improvement Plan.- Hatchery Sanitation.- Franchise Hatchery System.- Hatchery Services.- References.- 6 Social Behavior and Animal Welfare.- Social Organization.- Behavior of Feral Chickens.- Communication.- Behavior of Domestic Poultry.- Social Behavior in Growing Chicks.- Other Adult Social Behavior Characteristics.- Animal Rights.- The Humane Movement.- Animal Welfarists.- Animal Rightists.- Animal Liberationists.- Agricultural Involvement with Humane Groups.- Public Relations.- Need for a Code of Ethics.- References.- 7 Environment and Housing.- Farmstead Planning.- External Services and Utilities.- Water Supply.- Poultry Building Orientation.- Aesthetic Value.- House Construction.- Turnkey Houses.- Criteria for Selecting a Manufactured House.- Vapor Barriers.- Ventilation.- References.- 8 Poultry Nutrition.- Nutrients.- References.- 9 Diseases and Parasites of Poultry.- Disease Prevention.- Diagnostic Organs in Postmortem Examinations.- Immunology of Disease Control.- Poultry Disease Control Strategy.- Vaccination.- Nutritional Deficiency Diseases.- Protozoan Diseases.- Bacterial Diseases.- Fowl Cholera.- Nonrespiratory Bacterial Diseases.- Mycoplasma.- Viral Diseases.- Fungal and Mold Diseases.- Mycotoxicosis.- External Parasites.- Internal Parasites.- Behavioral Diseases.- Reproductive Diseases.- References.- 10 Poultry and Egg Marketing.- Assembling.- Transporting.- Assumption of Risk.- Market News.- Futures Trading.- Processing Poultry.- Further Processing.- Eggs.- Storage.- Inspection and Grading.- Packaging.- Merchandising.- New Product Development.- References.- 11 Broiler Production.- United States Broiler Industry.- World Broiler Industry.- Broiler Breeders.- Housing and Egg Production.- Care of Hatching Eggs.- The Hatchery.- Housing for Broilers.- Litter.- Brooding.- Brooding Methods.- Density.- Placement.- Management Suggestions for Partial House Brooding.- Watering Equipment.- Feeding Equipment.- Lighting Programs.- Ventilation.- Gas Concentrations.- Ventilation for Partial House Brooding.- Fan Timers.- Fan Thermostats.- Air Intakes.- Broiler Diets.- Catching and Hauling Broilers.- Grower Responsibilities.- Catching Crews.- Types of Broilers.- Roasters.- Grower Contracts.- References.- 12 Commercial Egg Production.- Starting Pullets in Cages.- Brooding.- Growing Pullets in Cages.- Managing Laying Hens in Cages.- Induced Molting.- References.- 13 Turkey Production.- Origin of the Turkey.- Color Varieties.- Turkey Genetics.- Turkey Breeder Flocks.- Turkey Breeders.- Turkey Breeder Toms.- Turkey Breeder Hens.- Artificial Insemination.- Hatching Eggs.- Hatchery Services.- Brooding.- Floor Brooding.- Floor Covering.- Brooders.- Brooder Guards.- Equipment Arrangement.- Trough Feeders.- Mechanical Feeders.- Waterers.- Rearing Turkeys.- References.- 14 Waterfowl Production.- Ducks.- Geese.- Processing Waterfowl.- Handling Waterfowl.- Pinioning.- Sexing Waterfowl.- References.- 15 Miscellaneous Poultry.- Coturnix Quail.- Bobwhite Quail.- Chukar Partridge.- Pheasants.- Guinea Fowl.- Peafowl.- Pigeons.- Swan.- References.- 16 Poultry Management Practices.- Production Management.- Specialized Procedures and Devices.- Sanitation and Waste Disposal Procedures.- Financial Management.- References.

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