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Thread: Behavior of Marine Animals: Current Perspectives in Research Volume 3: cetaceans

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    Default Behavior of Marine Animals: Current Perspectives in Research Volume 3: cetaceans

    Behavior of Marine Animals: Current Perspectives in Research Volume 3: cetaceans
    Edited by Howard E. Winn and Bori L. Olla

    Pages: 438
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1979
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0306375736

    Four years ago we began soliciting articles for this volume from authors who were engaged in comprehensive research on whales. From the outset we decided not to limit the subject matter to behavior but to also include natural history. Much of what is known about the behavior of whales arose from studies whose principal aim was not behavior, much as it did for other animal groups before behavior was considered a distinct discipline. Thus in many of the articles behavior is closely intertwined with natural history and in others is completely overshadowed by a basic natural history approach. Our aim was to have the articles contain a review of the literature and include research findings not previously published. For all intents and purposes this aim has been realized, albeit perhaps not in as balanced a fashion in terms of species or subject matter as was originally planned. Nevertheless, we believe the articles present a wide range of informative works with a myriad of approaches and techniques represented.

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