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Thread: Social Behaviour in Animals

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    Social Behaviour in Animals
    by N. Tinbergen

    Pages: 164
    Publisher: --
    Edition: Reprint., 1st., 2014
    Language: English


    Originally published in 1953, this is a classic study in animal behaviour, drawing on the author’s own extraordinary studies of insects, fish, and birds, as well as on the literature.
    This book aims to be a presentation of a biological approach to the phenomena of social behavior in animals. This approach is characterized by the need for careful observation of the variety of social phenomena occurring in nature; by emphasis on a balanced study of the three main biological problems - function, causation, evolution; by emphasis on an appropriate sequence of description, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis; and finally by emphasis on the need for continuous re-synthesis. The book covers a range of aspects of animal behavior, including mating, fighting, family and group life, and social organizations, as well as some unrelated analytical evidence. The concept ‘community’ is taken in its widest sense to include all types of association of individuals, not only flocks and herds, but also the family, the pair, and even two animals engaged in combat. 2014 Reprint of 1953 New York Edition.

    The author received the Nobel Prize for his work in this field in 1973.

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