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Thread: Essentials of Avian Medicine: A Guide for Practitioners (Second edition)

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    Default Essentials of Avian Medicine: A Guide for Practitioners (Second edition)

    Essentials of Avian Medicine: A Guide for Practitioners
    by Peter S. Sakas

    Pages: 353
    Publisher: ---
    Edition: 2nd ed., 2002
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1583260358
    ISBN-13: 978-1583260357


    Essentials of Avian Medicine: A Guide for Practitioners is a concise and easy-to-use reference that provides veterinarians and technicians with the fundamental tools needed to practice quality avian medicine.

    Essentials of Avian Medicine provides you with critical information for handling, diagnosing, and treating birds, an increasingly popular pet in the United States. By using this timely resource you will learn how to:

    - Equip an avian practice

    - Educate your clients about how to provide better care at home

    - Understand the unique biology and husbandry needs of dozens of pet bird species

    - Adapt standard clinical techniques for use in birds

    - Perform various diagnostic procedures, such as clinical pathology, radiology, and laparoscopy

    - Use the treatment protocol outlined in the completely updated formulary of avian drug dosages

    - And much more!

    Essentials of Avian Medicine is a completely reorganized and updated version of A Practitioner’s Guide to Avian Medicine written by Lousie Bauck. The new text reflects the recent explosion of medical research on the diagnosis and treatment of birds, to create a must-have resource for every veterinary practice.

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