Bats and Viruses: A New Frontier of Emerging Infectious Diseases

by Lin-Fa Wang, Christopher Cowled

Pages: 384 pages
Publisher: --
Edition: September 2015
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-118-81873-2


Approximately 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonoses, and the rate of emergence of zoonotic diseases is on the rise. Bats are being increasingly recognised as an important reservoir of zoonotic viruses of different families, including SARS coronavirus, Nipah virus, Hendra virus and Ebola virus. Understanding batsí role in emerging zoonotic diseases is crucial to this rapidly expanding area of research.

Bats and Viruses: From Pathogen Discovery to Host Genomics provides an updated overview of research focusing on bat biology and the role bats play as hosts of many major zoonotic viruses. The text covers bat biology, immunology, and genomics. Chapters also delve into the various major bat-borne virus families, including lyssaviruses, paramyxoviruses, coronaviruses, filoviruses and reoviruses, among others.
Edited by leaders in the field, Bats and Viruses: From Pathogen Discovery to Host Genomics is a timely, invaluable reference for bat researchers studying microbiology, virology and immunology, as well as infectious disease workers and epidemiologists, among others.

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