Social Behavior: Evolutionary Pathways, Environmental Influences and Impairments

by Watson, Paulina

Pages: 207 pages
Publisher: --
Edition: March 2014
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9781631173271


Social behavior has broad implications for the survival and reproduction of an organism. Social behaviors often reflect rather complex mechanisms. Through a variety of interactions, individuals establish social relationships (dominant/subordinate, friend/foe, potential mate/mating partner, kin/non-kin). In some cases this may require aggressive physical altercations and more passive interactions such as ritualistic competitions, behavioral sequences, behavioral postures, and other forms of signaling. Social interactions are dependent on context and environmental influences. Understanding the functional significance and mechanisms driving various social behaviors will require empirical comparative studies with careful consideration of environmental factors. This book provides information on the idea of social behavior in different animals being affected by evolution and the environment.

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