Dairy Production and Processing: The Science of Milk and Milk Products 1st Edition

by John R. Campbell (Author), Robert T. Marshall (Author)

Pages: 549 pages
Edition: 1 edition (January 29, 2016)

Language: English
ISBN-10: 1478611200
ISBN-13: 978-1478611202


A productive dairy industry is vital to providing safe, high-quality milk that fulfills the nutritional needs of people of all ages around the world. In order to achieve that goal, Campbell and Marshall present a timely, lucid, and comprehensive look at today's dairy industry. Dairy Production and Processing offers not only a fundamental understanding of dairy animals, dairy products, and the production aspects of each, but also a wealth of applied information on the scope of the current milk and milk products industry. The application of basic sciences and technologies throughout the text will serve students well not only as they learn the first principles of dairy science, but also as a professional reference in their careers.

Study questions can be found at the conclusion of each chapter, along with relevant and informative websites. An extensive glossary is provided to enable readers to expand their knowledge of selected terms.
Topics found in this instructive and insightful text include:
an overview of the dairy industry,
dairy herd breeding and records,
the feeding and care of dairy cattle, sheep, goats, and water buffalo,
important principles of milking and milking facilities,
dairy farm management,
milk quality and safety, and
the production of milk and milk products.

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