Cockatiel Mutations: A Bounty of Color
by Susanne Russo

Pages: 188
Publisher: ---
Edition: 1st ed., 2012
Language: English


In the US there are 14 established mutations of the cockatiel, excluding the normal grey which is not a mutation. This book is your visual guide to the bounty of color and mutations that are available. Packed with over 175 collage images, this book is one of the definitive guides to cockatiel breeding and mutations available.

Common questions that are asked and answered in this book include:
- What mutation is my bird?
- What is my bird split to?
- What does dimorphic mean?
- What sex is my bird?
- What is the best pairing?
- Can I determine the mutation of a chick upon hatch?
- Are they clear pied or lutino?
And much much more.

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