Softbills: Care, Breeding and Conservation
by Martin Vince

Pages: 278
Publisher: ---
Edition: 1st ed., 1996
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0888393938
ISBN-13: 978-0888393937


Author Martin Vince offers an exhaustive volume about the biology and ecology of softbills -- small, flying birds that do not live on seeds, but on soft foods such as fruits, insects and meats. A practical and uniquely detailed book, it is based on the author's experience during twenty years of keeping and breeding a large range of softbills. The first section of text covers the basics from purchasing and housing to the particulars such as handling, banding and nutrition. The second section focuses on the different species, covering topics such as size, sexing, incubation and breeding. Because all of the birds described have been kept by the author, the information is especially relevant and helpful. This thoroughly modern, easy-to-use guide is sure to become the definitive source for softbill keepers.

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