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Thread: Farm Animals Diseases, Recent Omic Trends and New Strategies of Treatment

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    Default Farm Animals Diseases, Recent Omic Trends and New Strategies of Treatment

    Farm Animals Diseases, Recent Omic Trends and New Strategies of Treatment
    Edited by Rosa Quiroz-Castaņeda

    Pages: 198
    Language: English
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2018
    ISBN: 978-953-51-3912-6

    The scope of this book is to present the most recent trends based on omic analyses of microorganisms causing diseases in farm animals and how these approaches result in new strategies of treatment. The topics in this book include fasciolosis, avian coccidiosis, bovine anaplasmosis, tick-borne diseases, and babesiosis, among others.
    This book presents the recent advances in the omic field with an emphasis on how these analyses have led researchers to know the mechanisms that pathogens use to invade and colonize the host cell of farm animals. In this way, new treatments of control and prevention can be employed.

    1 Pathogenomics and Molecular Advances in Pathogen Identification
    2 Immune System and Its Relationships with Pathogens: Structure, Physiology, and Molecular Biology
    3 Genome-Based Vaccinology Applied to Bovine Anaplasmosis
    4 Genome-Based Vaccinology Applied to Bovine Babesiosis
    5 Genomics of Rickettsiaceae: An Update
    6 Genomics of Apicomplexa
    7 Avian Coccidiosis, New Strategies of Treatment
    8 Natural Compounds as an Alternative to Control Farm Diseases: Avian Coccidiosis
    9 Zoonotic Trematodiasis
    10 Metagenomics and Diagnosis of Zoonotic Diseases

    PDF10 MB
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