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Thread: Pyrantel Parasiticide Therapy in Humans and Domestic Animals

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    Default Pyrantel Parasiticide Therapy in Humans and Domestic Animals

    Pyrantel Parasiticide Therapy in Humans and Domestic Animals
    by Alan A. Marchiondo

    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., 2016
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0128014493


    Pyrantel Parasiticide Therapy in Humans and Domestic Animals presents a single source history and reference on the parasiticide activity and pharmacology of the tetrahydropyrimidines and their salts in humans and domestic animals, also collating evidence that resistance to pyrantel has developed in human and domestic animal nematodes.

    Other books of this nature have been compiled historically for specific anthelmintic compounds, but none has been written to date for the pyrantel family of drugs. Pyrantel, a nicotinic receptor agonist, has been used in domestic animal and human medicine since the 1970’s to control two important nematode groups, the hookworms and the roundworms.

    Given the zoonotic potential of these parasites, pyrantel has served a dual role in helping to protect the health of both domestic animals and the public for more than 45 years.
    Easy-to-use reference guide on the anthelmintic pyrantel for clinicians, parasitologists, and researchers in human and veterinary medicine Addresses current issues of resistance, along with combination uses against anthelmintic resistant parasites Presents useful, authoritative information (chemical, pharmaceutical, clinical, etc.) for the pyrantel family of compoundsIncludes a discussion on pyrantel’s potential role in combination therapies Provides cutting-edge material, and will be an evolving area of scientific discussion of treatment options in the future.

    Table of contents :
    Front-matter,Copyright,List of Contributors,Preface,IntroductionEntitled to full textChapter 1 - Discovery and Chemistry of Pyrantel, Morantel and Oxantel, Pages 1-19, D.J. Sheehan, S.M. Sheehan, A.A. Marchiondo
    Chapter 2 - Pharmacology of Pyrantel, Pages 21-45, R.J. Martin, T.G. Geary
    Chapter 3 - The Safety of Pyrantel, Oxantel, and Morantel, Pages 47-66, C.D. Mackenzie
    Chapter 4 - Formulations and Clinical Uses of Pyrimidine Compounds in Domestic Animals, Pages 67-107, C.R. Reinemeyer
    Chapter 5 - Pyrantel Parasiticide Therapy in Humans, Pages 109-128, B. Levecke, J. Vercruysse
    Chapter 6 - Potential Applications of Tetrahydropyrimidines to Address Unmet Needs, Pages 129-133, A.A. Marchiondo
    Index, Pages 135-143

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