Hand-Rearing Parrots and Other Birds
by Rosemary Low

Pages: 128
Publisher: ---
Edition: 1st ed., 1987
Language: English
ISBN-10: 071371901X
ISBN-13: 978-0713719017


Hand-rearing is one of the most rewarding and fascinating aspects of aviculture. The saving of chicks which would otherwise die due to lack of parental care can be a great source of satisfaction. The end product is often a
beautiful youngster which would otherwise have been discarded.
Hand-rearing is also an important tool in the breeding of endangered species, being the most effective way of rapidly increasing the numbers of such birds which would normally produce only one clutch per year. When eggs are removed for artificial incubation, or very young chicks for hand-rearing the female usually lays again.
In this book Rosemary Low explains the reasons, principles and techniques of handrearing, giving sound advice on such aspects as brooders, feeding, illness, weaning and artificial incubation. Much of the authorís advice is directed towards the hand-rearing of parrots, but useful advice is also given on the rearing of seedeaters, softbills and birds of prey.
Rosemary Low is renowned in the avicultural world as a parrot-breeder and pioneer in the techniques of hand-rearing. She is the former deputy editor of Cage and Aviary Birds for which she still contributes articles and answers readersí queries on all aspects of bird keeping.

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