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Thread: Diseases of poultry 11ed Y.M. Saif

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    Default Diseases of poultry 11ed Y.M. Saif

    Diseases of Poultry, 11th. Edition
    by Y.M. Saif

    Pages: 1260
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 11th., 2003
    Language: English


    The revised eleventh edition of Diseases of Poultry comes five years after the publication of the previous edition. Expansion of the poultry industry continues in all categories and in all areas of the world, fueled by and keeping pace with an increased demand for poultry products. While consumer demand has driven the continuing growth of the poultry industry, the resulting increased poultry population densityand the rearing of different types of incompatible poultry species inclose proximity have presented major disease challenges. Researchers and poultry veterinarians have had to effectively deal with the disease aspects of that growth. The ability to prevent and control disease hasbeen crucial in allowing the poultry production process to function efficiently. Diseases of Poultry, 11e reflects those changes in poultryproduction. All of the chapters have been updated by recognized expertsin their fields and the format of the chapters has been standardized for the reader's convenience.

    An international text and the standard universal textbook on thesubject, Diseases of Poultry, 11e includes contributions by leading researchers and teachers. Also notable are the revised introduction subchapters which include Emerging Diseases and Diseases of Complex or Unknown Etiology, Salmonella Infections, and Pasteurella and Other Related Bacterial Infections.

    Users of the CD-ROM will find the complete text and all the figures and tables of the book version presented in their entirely in digital format and will be able to:

    * Search the entire text
    * Read any portion of the text on the computer screen
    * Print out any portion of the text
    * Navigate using the hypertext linked table of contents, bookmarks and index


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    Default Re: Diseases of poultry 11ed Y.M. Saif

    Diseases of Poultry,
    11th. Edition, 2003

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