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Thread: Die rektale Untersuchung beim Kolikpferd/The rectal examination of colics in horses

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    Die rektale Untersuchung beim Kolikpferd/The rectal examination of colics in horses

    "Die rektale Untersuchung beim Kolikpferd" (Taschenbuch)
    "The rectal examination of colics in horses" (Paperback)
    by Bernhard Huskamp and Norbert Kopf

    Bibliographic Details:

    • Paperback : 97 pages
    • Publisher : wak Verlag und Kunstberatung GmbH; Auflage: 1. Aufl. (10. Mai 1995)
    • ISBN-10: 3980425002
    • ISBN-13: 978-3980425001

    • Book in german unfortunatelly

    Book description:

    Budras, Berlin, appeared in "The practical veterinarian", November 1995

    "(...) The authors were able to create a time-saving information for the overworked practitioner and students, served in a convincing manner. With seamless integration of 92 multi-colored drawings in the text and context-close relationship between text and image, even the most complicated issues presented in an easy to understand way. The concise and clear pen drawings, which have a high educational value, with recurring symbols and easy to understand even without legend, are as simple as telling. (...) The reader will appreciate convincing didactic approach, and authors 20 years experience. (...) Rectal palpation is still, in the era of medical devices, one of the main diagnostic procedure of horse medicine. The editor managed to present knowledge in equally logical and persuasive way (...).The the book can be recommended to all practicing veterinarians and students and are also for the engaged and scientifically educated horse owners.

    no pass

    24.4 MB

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    BUT You DONOT have sufficient rights to see the hidden data contained here.
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    Default Re: Die rektale Untersuchung beim Kolikpferd/The rectal examination of colics in horses

    Link is dead!!!! Please Reupload

    It has been forwarded to original uploader, please, be patient.
    By Motoko.
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