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Thread: Essentials of Animal Physiology

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    Default Re: Essentials of Animal Physiology

    Essentials of Animal Physiology
    by S. C. Rastogi

    Pages: 597
    Publisher: --
    Fourth Edition, 2008
    ISBN: 978-8122420142
    Language: English


    This comprehensive, fully updated text describes the essential concepts of animal physiology and related biochemistry for students of biology and related disciplines. In terms of presentation and contents, the book offers relevant fundamentals of physiology and animal behaviour under diverse conditions. The text will certainly satisfy the needs of students of biology, home science and animal husbandry.

    Key Features:

    -Covers physiology of organ systems of animals, including human and mammalian physiology.
    -Surveys functional specialisation of organisms and their survival ability under environmental stresses.
    -Explains criteria of physiological variations among organisms living in diverse habitats.
    -New coverage on animal calorimetry to explain energy requirements of animals.
    -In depth coverage of membrane physiology.
    -A new chapter on physiological disorders emanating from organellar malfunctions and genetic disabilities.


    1. Cell Structure and Functions
    2. Foodstuffs
    3. Biological Oxidations
    4. Enzymes: The Biological Catalysts
    5. Animal Calorimetry
    6. Metabolism
    7. Digestion and Absorption
    8. Water Relations and Ionic Regulations
    9. Membrane Physiology
    10. Temperature Regulation
    11. Body Fluids
    12. Circulation of Blood
    13. Respiration
    14. Excretion
    15. Nerve Physiology
    16. Sensory Mechanisms
    17. Nerve Coordination
    18. Effector Organs
    19. Hormonal Regulation
    20. Reproduction
    21. The Genetic Code and Protein Synthesis
    22. Physiological Disorders
    23. Physiological Genetics
    24. Immune System
    25. Physiology of Aging

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