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Thread: Training and Fitness in Athletic Horses

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    Cool Training and Fitness in Athletic Horses

    Training and Fitness in Athletic Horses
    by David L. Evans

    Pages: 71
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 1st., February 2000
    Language: English
    ISBN 0 642 58031 6
    ISBN 1440-6845


    In this book the main research findings in exercise physiology of training and fitness
    assessment of horses are reviewed and practical techniques for fitness testing are
    described. Important principals for training racehorses, event and endurance horses are
    included. Some of the practical information has been based on Dr Evans’ experiences as
    a consultant in commercial Thoroughbred horse training.
    The book has been written in a style that should be accessible for students, horse owners
    and trainers. Some veterinary surgeons are increasingly interested in this field, and are
    sometimes expected to assist or advise owners and trainers concerning use of heart rate
    meters, measurement of blood lactate concentrations after exercise, and other techniques.
    The material should also contribute to veterinary education and lower wastage rates in
    the industry.

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    Default Re: Training and Fitness in Athletic Horses

    Training and Fitness in Athletic Horses

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