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Thread: Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery

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    Default Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery

    Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery
    (Second Edition)
    Edited by: John H. Lewington, B.Vet. Med., MRCVS

    Pages: 536
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2nd., 2007
    Language: English

    ISBN: 978-0702028274


    Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery is a must-have for the small animal practitioner and those interested in ferrets in general. It aims to inform on all aspects and conditions relating to the domestic ferret. Edited and authored by one of the eminent authorities on ferrets in the world, John Lewington, for this new edition is joined by contributions - including both new text and illustrations - from ferret experts based in 8 different countries, including the UK, US, Australia, Japan and Russia, thus ensuring the most current and complete information is available on this increasingly popular animal. Fully updated and with full colour throughout, this second edition now has 5 new chapters: gastroenteric/liver diseases; ferret-polecat domestication and genetics; ferret dentistry and pathology; ferret toxicosis; and ferret ultrasonography, covering new radiology and ultrasound techniques.

    • Bridges the gap between ferret owner and the veterinarian
    • Tables and boxes highlighted for easy reference
    • Many clinical cases are given throughout, ensuring vital points in the text are illustrated to the maximum
    • Includes section on Husbandry, offering basic information on how to keep ferrets
    • Sections on Medicine and Surgery give more in depth content needed to treat ferrets

    • 5 new chapters written by 4 new contributing authors
    • New research on ferret genetics in breeding and examination, with discussion on genetic causes of diseases
    • Further research given on Disseminated Idiopathic Myosititis (DIM), a new mystery disease affecting ferrets in the US; and fungal infections in ferrets, especially Cryptococcosis foramens spp
    • Full colour throughout with many new illustrations
    • Expanded sections on anatomy, nutrition, adrenal disease complex and insulinoma


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    Default Re: Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery

    Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery
    2nd. Edition, 2007

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