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Thread: The biology of the eye

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    Default The biology of the eye

    The Biology of the Eye
    by Jorge Fischbarg

    Pages: 408
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2006
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0444509253


    This book explores the many recent novel ideas about the eye in a systematic and synthetic way. It includes both basic sciences and applications towards clinical research. Chapters include both anatomical and functional descriptions of the different ocular tissues and treatments of a few subjects of practical importance for ophthalmologists. This book is intended for students in basic biomedical science interested in the eye, as well as ophthalmologists a comprehensive source on recent developments in ocular research.

    * Combines basic science and practical opthalmological subjects
    * Written with the simplicity of a textbook, while maintaining the comprehensive and rigorous approach of science papers
    * Includes contributions by well-known experts


    Why the eye is round
    Tears and their secretion
    The cornea: epithelium and stroma
    The corneal endothelium
    Ciliary body and ciliary epithelium
    The lens
    The vitreous
    The retina
    The retinal pigment epithelium
    The choroid and optic nerve head
    Innate and adaptive immunity of the eye
    Drug delivery to the eye
    The sclera

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    Default Re: The biology of the eye

    The Biology of the Eye
    Volumen 10, 2006

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