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Thread: Cattle Behaviour and Welfare

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    Default Cattle Behaviour and Welfare

    Cattle Behaviour and Welfare
    by Clive Phillips

    Pages: 272
    Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
    Edition: 2nd., 2002
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0632056453


    Cattle are one of our major domesticated animals, a higher mammal with complex mental and physical needs. The benefit of a knowledge of cattle behaviour means veterinarians and stockpeople can recognise abnormal behaviour signs for disease diagnosis and indication of an inadequate environment. This book replaces the book Cattle Behaviour, written by the same author and published by Farming Press in 1993. The text has been revised and updated and four new chapters on cattle welfare have been added. The main interest of many reading a book on behaviour is its relation to the welfare of the species, so the combination of welfare and behaviour is a logical one.

    This book centers on the influence that human beings and transport systems have over the welfare of the cattle, and it gives us some cientific explanations for the conducts showed by the cattle.


    Introduction to cattle welfare
    The welfare of dairy cows
    The welfare of beef cattle and draft oxen
    The welfare of calves
    The welfare of cattle during transport, marketing and slaughter
    Environmental perception and cognition
    Acquisition of behaviour and the use of selective breeding to improve welfare
    Play behaviour
    Social behaviour
    Nutritional behaviour
    Reproductive behaviour
    Locomotion and movement
    Resting behaviour
    Behavioural adaptation to inadequate environments
    The relationship between cattle and man

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    Default Re: Cattle Behaviour and Welfare

    Cattle Behaviour and Welfare
    2nd. Edition
    2002 Updated 04/03/2013

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