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Thread: A Colour Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat (2nd edition)

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    Default A Colour Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat (2nd edition)

    A Colour Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat (2nd edition)

    Tim Nuttall, BSc, BVSc, PhD, Cert VD, C Biol, MI Biol, MRCVS
    University of Liverpool, UK.

    Richard G. Harvey, BVSc, DVD, Dip ECVD, MI Biol, MRCVS
    Godiva Referrals, Coventry, UK

    Patrick J. McKeever, DVM, MS, DACVD Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, The University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

    Hardcover: 336 pages
    Publisher: Manson Publishing Ltd; 2 edition (June 29, 2009)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1840761318
    ISBN-13: 978-1840761313

    Following the super success and critical aclaim for the first edition, Manson Publishing/The Veterinary Press is proud to announce publication of the second edition of A Colour Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat. The strengths of the first edition have been preserved:

    - Problem-oriented approach; the book is arranged in twelve chapters covering dermatoses classified by their principle presenting sign.

    - Concise systematically structured text; definition, aetiology and pathogenesis, clinical features, differential diagnoses, diagnostic tests, management. Focus is on clinical practice and the need to explain the disease to the owner.

    - Superb and generously sized colour photographs and diagrams.

    - Clear user-friendly design - one condition per page or spread of pages.

    - Referenced thoughout to give the clinician access to the literature.

    Within the framework and in light of the exponential growth of information in small animal dermatology since first publication, the authors have revised the entire text for the new second edition, added twenty-one new sections and one hundred and thirty-one new colour photos. The result is a handbook that is practical, extensive and up-to-date in its content, beautifully illustrated and designed. The new second editio will be of value to veterinary practitioners and students, veterinary nurses and technicans.


    1. Pruritic dermatoses
    2. Nodular dermatoses
    3. Ulcerative dermatoses
    4. Papular and pustular dermatoses
    5. Diseases characterised by sinus formation
    6. Diseases characterised by crust and scale
    7. Environmental dermatoses
    8. Focal alopecia
    9. Pigmentary abnormalities
    10. Hormone-related dermatoses
    11. Otitis externa
    12. Disorders of the nails


    Conditions new to this edition include: Facial dermatitis of persian and himalayan cats, Spiculosis, Calcinosis circumscripta, Canine eosinophilic granuloma, Sterile granuloma and pyogranuloma syndrome, Cutaneous asthenia (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), Epidermis bullosa acquisita, Feline idiopathic ulcerative dermatitis, Mucocutaneous pyoderma, Proliferative arteritis of the nasal philtrum, Vasculopathy of grayhounds, Vesicular cutaneous lupus of the shetland sheepdog and collie, Metatarsal fistulation of the german shepherd dog, Acrodermatitis of bull terriers
    canine ear margin seborrhea, Exfoliative cutuneous lupus of the german shorthaired pointer, Topical corticosteroid reaction, Alopecia X, Acquired pattern alopecia, Cyclical flank alopecia, Feline paraneoplastic alopecia.
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    A Colour Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat
    2nd. Edition, 2009.

    ( Updated 09/11/12 )

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