1- Penumonia in cattle (20 mg/ Kg)
LA q 24 hr
10mg/Kg ---IV---SID
3- The drug of choice for Anaplasma Marginala
4- Babesia Bovis &red water
5-heart water
6- theileria
7- tick born fever
8- infectious keratoconjunctivitis in cattle
9- bovine papillomatous digital dermatitis
25mg/ml--SID----Topical Spray
10- udder problem -------IV
(The 2nd Drug of choice of parentral ABx in udder problem)
11-Mastitis caused by Mycoplasma Californicum in cows ---combind with Tylosine
12- Enzootic Abortion in sheep ---chlamydophila abortus
( two treatment of 20mg/Kg LA at 2Weeks interval begine6-8 weeks befor lambing
13- Q-fever(coxiella burnetii)
14- ovine keratoconjunctivitis ----- Mycoplasma ---single inj of LA tetracycline
15-Manhemia hemolytic in sheep
16-ovine foot rot
17- dermatophilosis
18- rams with brucella ovis ----with streptomycine
19- daily intraperitoneal inj of 100mg oxytetracycline HCL eliminated brucella melitensis infection from sheep