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Thread: Veterinary Helminthology and Entomology

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    Default Veterinary Helminthology and Entomology

    Veterinary Helmintology and Entomology
    by H. O. Mooning

    Pages: 451
    Publisher: Williams & Willkins
    Edition: 1950
    Language: English


    All but the rarer and unimportant helminth and anthropod parasites of domestic animals and birds are considered, the list of hosts including the peafowl, ostrich, swan, and the fur-bearing animals, but not the elephant, camel, water buffalo or other exotic beasts of burden.
    The greater part of its space is occupied by descriptions of species - a necessary feature of a book on this subject, since it is one of its most difficult and at the same time most essential aspects, the recognition of the parasite being the key to the diagnosis of the disease.
    This part is, however, reduced to the bare essentials; in the helminth section it is enough for the determination of the species, and in some parts of the anthropod section a description of the genus is all that is attempted, the differentiation of the species of ticks, blowflies, glossinae and fleas being left to more highly specialized works.
    Where any parasite or group of parasites is responsible for a recognizable disease, the disease is dealt with separately under the headings: -" pathogenesis ", " symptoms ", " post-mortem examinations ", " diagnosis ", " treatment " and " prophylaxis ".
    Some readers may think that the author has not been quite critical enough about the pathogenicity of some of the parasites (a branch of the subject about which very little is known): one or a few moniezia are said to be capable of causing disease, and frequent reference is made to the production of substances harmful to the host as an explanation of pathogenic action. It is also noticed that no mention has been made of acute fascioliasis, a condition which at times may be very puzzling to veterinary practitioners in this country.

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    Default Re: Veterinary Helminthology and Entomology

    Veterinary Helmintology and Entomology
    Updated 29/08/2013

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