This zone especially for Donators.

This zone will include some exclusive materials. (P@$$w0Rds - eBooks and much more)

Types of Donators

Title Badge Amount Donated Privileges
Donator Minus Less 20 Euros
  1. Pink username.
  2. Increase PM inbox capacity: 200
  3. Access to All Forum Areas except Donator Zone.
  4. Badge of sliver donator.
  5. Increase Avatar Maximum Width (pixels) x Height (pixels) to 200 x 200
  6. Profile Customization Permissions:

  • Can Edit Font Family.
  • Can Edit Font Size .
  • Can Edit Colors Covers font and background colors.
  • Can Edit Background Images Users must have user album permissions as well.
  • Can Edit Borders Covers border style, color, and width .
  • Can Edit Profile Privacy (Whether the user can hide blocks on their profile page from other users)
  • Can Customize Profile.
Donator 20 Euros and more - As Donator Minus except for type of badge, where you will take badge of golden donator.
- Access to Donators Zone.
Donator Plus 50 Euros and more - As Donator except for type of badge, where you will take badge of donator plus donator..
- Access to Donators Plus Zone.

Donation money will go to server costs, and the extra money will be saved to buy exclusive materials