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Thread: Canine Medicine - 2008

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    Default Canine Medicine - 2008

    Canine Medicine - 2008

    Dr Graham Swinney

    Centre for Veterinary Education

    At the Canine Medicine event held on Sunday November 9, 2008 at the Rydges Hotel in Port Macquarie NSW, presenter Graham Swinney covered a broad range of topics using an interactive and case-based approach. Graham illustrated how to get the most out of routine clinical pathology using both routine tests and useful but less routine ones; rational approaches to fevers that have an unknown cause in patients including tests for common and less common causes and how to deal with anaemia, regenerative and non-regenerative.

    Chapter information

    Maximising the use of your clinical pathology laboratory (Appropriate sample collection, Test selection/interpretation/in-house vs send-out and Interpretation of test results in light of the patient), The fever of unknown origin patient - a how-to guide (Definitions, Hyperthermia, Mechanism of fever, Aetiology of true fever in dogs, Approach to a fever patient and Fever case studies), Anaemia (The approach to an anaemic patient, Causes of anaemia and Anaemia case studies)
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    Default Re: Canine Medicine - 2008

    Canine Medicine -

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