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Thread: Australian Wildlife - 1988

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    Default Australian Wildlife - 1988

    Australian Wildlife - 1988

    The John Keep Refresher Course for Veterinarians
    Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science, University of Sydney

    1054 pages.

    This is a copy of the proceedings of the Australian Wildlife course held in Sydney in February 1988

    Contents include:
    • reptiles
    • pecularities of marsupials
    • capture and restraint of injured Australian mammals
    • macropods - care, feeding and husbandry
    • care and husbandry of other Australian Mammals
    • care and husbandry of wild birds
    • the handling and management of reptiles
    • diseases of macropods and other Australian mammals
    • anaesthesia and surgery
    • bats
    • diseases, injuries and rehabilitation of birds
    • management of the the orphaned macropod joey
    • marsupial diseases
    • care of burnt wildlife
    • release of widlife
    • the platypus
    • disease and husbandry of raptors
    • biology of the echidna
    • veterinary treatment of bats
    • koalas
    • management of cetacean strandings
    • diseases and husbandry of little penguins
    • emergency treatment of native fauna
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