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Thread: Clinical Immunology - 2008

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    Default Clinical Immunology - 2008

    Clinical Immunology - 2001

    Centre for Veterinary Education

    In August 2008 the Clinical Immunology: More than just Antibodies will explore the most rapidly advancing and exciting field of companion animal medicine. These are the proceedings for the five day conference, held in Surfers Paradise Queensland.
    Since publication of the canine (and more recently the feline) genome there have been major advances in understanding the immune response in these animal species. This in turn has led to translation of this knowledge to new immunodiagnostics, vaccines and therapeutic approaches to immune-mediated disease. The event gives an update on advances in basic immunology and immunopathology, and then follows a systems-based approach discussing the major immune-mediated diseases affecting the blood, skin, kidney, joints, muscle, central nervous system, endocrine system, respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. Sessions will be devoted to immunodeficiency and immune system neoplasia and the very practical applications of immunology in immunodiagnostics, immunotherapeutics, transfusion medicine and vaccination.
    The course leader was Professor Michael Day from the University of Bristol in the UK who is an internationally recognised authority on canine and feline immunology and author of the text Clinical Immunology of the Dog and Cat which has been translated into six languages and is now in the second edition. He is supported by leading internists who specialise in aspects of clinical immunology: Dr John Angles (Animal Referral Hospital, Strathfield South) and Dr Steven Holloway (University of Melbourne).
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