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  • Dear Archiver could you kindly tell me how can I see the download link. It says I should like it or write thank which I did but still I cant see the link. Could you kindly tell me how? Thanks for your great help in expanding the literature.
    I have 2 PDF books that I can share with you to put online. If you tell me where to send these PDF books, I will gladly share with you.
    Best Wishes,
    Mary Ellen
    I just downloaded Canine and Feline Endocrinology, 4th Edition but i don't know the password, could you please help me.(non of the clasic passwords work). Thank you verry much.
    Hi doctor,there must be somthing wrong with the donation. cause I`am a student, don`t even have an electronic Visa card. Iam not able for donation sorry doctor
    Hello Admin, I would like to get the equine endoscopy and arthroscopy book by dr sameeh abutarbush. could you make it available at the vetelib.
    Hello Admin, I would like to download the Fish Pysiology series. could you make it available or teach me how to download it.
    Thank you. -Benson
    Im administrator of vetswiki.com , please check your email address and reply to my message so we can find a solution.
    Do you have Complete Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat 5th Edition ?I'm download the pdf file on this forum that you've post but many of figure(Picture) are not show in this book.Please upload email me if you have them.Thanks your kindness.
    Dear VETeLiB,
    I tried to reply with a message but your inbox is efull and receives no more messages.
    please, advise me on how to proceed in order to upload a new link for that book that colleagues asked for. Shalll I start a new thread? Or for some reason, I should not upload it at all?
    Please, let me know.
    Thank you

    The post that you created in the following thread has been deleted

    ================================================== ========================
    Post ID: New Link, 18 May 2012, Mediafire, no password required......
    Thread: Feline Orthopedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Disease
    ================================================== ========================

    for some reason all my posts were delted (had over 30 of them, if not more)and now I can't access any books anymore, while I was still downloading them few days ago. What happened?

    I'm also wondering how to enter vet circels, since I always entered the old common page with facebook ( but circles don't allow me to enter.)? I forgot my password and username and that's why I can't get in the normal way. :lol

    Thank you

    Dear Mr.Stator

    Since me and my wife who is working at the university are both vets and we do find this site a good opportunity for sharing and gaining future knowlidge i would like to ask if the minimum of 20 reasonable posts is the only condition in getting the access to the vet library.

    With kind regards Dr. Mogli
    it appears a lot of people are having problems with this site. I have been reading in other forms how New Techs and DVMs are being told to stay away from this site, and thats too bad..I think this site had a lot of potential. then they blocked EVERYONE from reading e-books and accused many of posting spam even when they didn't. There is a new site that is also sharing vet med e-books I will get the url and post it here.
    Your postings are not "bad", meaning they are apparently not spam, but I can see nothing special about them, not special enough to ask!
    If you had read our rules and explanations then you would know the answer all by yourself!
    Hi I have more than 20 post for the last days and I still cannot see the book section. I think my posts were not that bad. I just want to know if there is another reason why I still can`t see the books section
    @ garsa and all related issues: Dear Fellow, if your posts were deleted then it was probably me and not Dr. Stator. Apparently they became a victim to general cleaning. If you are a constructive and valuable member then it should be no problem for you. Regards P.S.: Read: Where are my 20 postings?!?!!!
    LOOK AT MY POSTS. I'm REGISTERED SINCE 2011. What the ELIB4VET.comELIB4VET.comELIB4VET.comELIB4VET.com have i done? you erased all my posts.
    Even though i have 21 posts and benn registered for more than 3 days i still cant see links. why is that? thanx
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