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Thread: Conservation of Rare or Little-Known Species

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    Default Conservation of Rare or Little-Known Species

    Conservation of Rare or Little-Known Species
    Biological, Social, and Economic Considerations
    by Martin Raphael and Randy Molina

    Pages: 392
    Publisher: Island Press
    Edition: 2007
    Language: English
    ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1597261661


    Some ecosystem management plans established by state and federal agencies have begun to shift their focus away from single-species conservation to a broader goal of protecting a wide range of flora and fauna, including species whose numbers are scarce or about which there is little scientific understanding. To date, these efforts have proved extremely costly and complex to implement. Are there alternative approaches to protecting rare or little-known species that can be more effective and less burdensome than current efforts?
    Conservation of Rare or Little-Known Species represents the first comprehensive scientific evaluation of approaches and management options for protecting rare or little-known terrestrial species. The book brings together leading ecologists, biologists, botanists, economists, and sociologists to classify approaches, summarize their theoretical and conceptual foundations, evaluate their efficacy, and review how each has been used.
    Contributors consider combinations of species and systems approaches for overall effectiveness in meeting conservation and ecosystem sustainability goals. They discuss the biological, legal, sociological, political, administrative, and economic dimensions by which conservation strategies can be gauged, in an effort to help managers determine which strategy or combination of strategies is most likely to meet their needs. Contributors also discuss practical considerations of implementing various strategies.


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    Default Re: Conservation of Rare or Little-Known Species

    Conservation of Rare or Little-Known Species

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