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A hilarious look at what pet owners hate to do most Everyone, sooner or later, gets a pet. And inevitably, they have to take that pet to a veterinarian. That's why cartoonists from both daily newspapers and the most sophisticated magazines[COLOR=#00AEF0 ! important][COLOR=#00AEF0 ! important][/COLOR][/COLOR] create some of their best work when they draw on the experience of forcing a supposedly domesticated animal to go to the doctor.Garfield. Peanuts. The New Yorker. The Far Side. These are just a few of the sources for Taking Your Pet to the Vet, a collection of cartoons from more than 200 strips, panels, and other drawings from the best cartoonists in the world. The book will include: The eerie art of Playboy cartoonist Gahan Wilson, who puts a werewolf in a vet's waiting room.The homey newspaper comic strips of For Better or For Worse's Lynn Johnston, featuring the effects of a huge sheepdog on a small family. Comedy from B. Kliban, whose cat books and calendars have been an international favourite.From a Hindi vet who applies an unconventional method to pull an elephant's tooth to a dog free-associating on a psychiatrist's couch, from a shark's day at the dentist to a snake all tied up in knots, this book delivers a wide assortment of laughs for any pet owner.