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Thread: Healthy Cattle Naturally

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    Default Healthy Cattle Naturally

    Healthy Cattle Naturally
    by Pat Coleby

    Pages: 224
    Publisher: CSIRO Pub.
    Edition: 2002
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0643067653
    Format: PDF
    Size: 2 MB


    Healthy Cattle Naturally demonstrates the inescapable connection between good land management and raising healthy productive animals. Modern farming practices, including improved paddock and farm layouts, water conservation and the use of soil analyses are examined. It shows how particular minerals and trace elements in the soil and feed affect the availability of vitamins that are needed to protect animals against diseases and promote healthy growth.
    The husbandry presented by Pat Coleby in this book is based on her first-hand experience and provides an invaluable insight into the natural care of farm animals.


    Farming in the new millennium
    Cattle for milk and meat production
    Improving farm efficiency
    Improving your farm and cattle using soil analysis
    Breeding heredity and environment
    Feed requirements
    House cows and rearing calves
    Minerals and their uses
    Vitamins and their uses
    Herbal and other useful remedies
    Common ailments and remedies

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    Default Re: Healthy Cattle Naturally

    Healthy Cattle Naturallly
    PDF, 2 MB, 2002
    Depositfiles - Rapidshare

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