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Thread: About Mirrors!! All Members Concern!!

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    Exclamation About Mirrors!! All Members Concern!!

    To Read Carefully and Apply!!

    About Mirrors:
    To Avail Original Poster Efforts!!
    To Avoid Overcrowded Threads!
    To Avail other members previous work!
    To Keep Links Alive!
    To Avoid Unnecessary Posts!!
    To Keep Cleaned Up and Organized Sections!

    Mirrors are
    NOT Allowed in:
    Reciently Started Threads.
    Reciently Updated Threads.
    Reciently Updated and CLeaned Up Sections.
    Already Updated and Cleaned Up Sections, Forums or Sub-forums.
    No particular Links requested will be given, unless Moderation considered it.

    The Mirror must have Title of the Book, Edition, Year, and inside the TAG [HIDE] must be Format, Size, ID of the File Host used.
    The Special Mirrors, like compressed, converted, splitted, indexed, optimized, OCR, etc.
    You must look for and select the Original Thread and post it, as part of it.

    All Names of Files or ZIP/RAR-Containers must be random, they must not contain any relation to this site or any password!
    They must all be inside the tag [HIDE], including the info about the host used, size, format.

    e.g.: YES= 182730dhfsoe.pdf -
    NO= Handbook_of_Internal-Medicine(

    Above all, mirrors must be done consciously, with common sense, applying the rules, where it is deserved.

    Moderator of Veterinary eBooks Section.
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    Rules are to Keep VETeliB Tidy to be Efficient, Practical, Friendly and Appealing.
    Apply Guidelines for Postings Mirrors!!
    All Members Mandatory!

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