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Thread: Management of Disease in Wild Mammals

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    Default Management of Disease in Wild Mammals

    Management of Disease in Wild Mammals

    Autor: Richard Delahay, Graham C. Smith, Michael R. Hutchings

    Pages: 290
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 2009
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-4431771340


    Wildlife populations may be a significant source of infection for humans and domestic animals while in some cases being themselves endangered by pathogens. The development of sustainable approaches to the management of wildlife diseases is fundamental to the protection of human health, agriculture, and endangered species. Managing disease in free-ranging wild mammals presents serious challenges, however, because of their often complex ecology and social behavior, which can undermine simplistic assumptions about the dynamics of disease and responses to intervention. The text presents discussion of basic approaches to disease management, with reference to specific challenges presented by wild mammal populations and in the light of the results of recent research at the interfaces between disease epidemiology, host ecology, and wildlife management. Further chapters are devoted to surveillance, contingency planning, the application of mathematical models and cost-benefit analysis, and the special case of endangered species. This book provides an authoritative contemporary review of the major issues and challenges in the management of disease in wild mammals.

    The Science of Wildlife Disease Management
    Wildlife Population Structure and Parasite Transmission: Implications for Disease Management
    Assessment of Transmission Rates and Routes, and the Implications for Management
    Modelling Disease Dynamics and Management Scenarios
    An Economic Perspective on Wildlife Disease Management
    Options for the Control of Disease 1: Targeting the Infectious or Parasitic Agent
    Options for the Control of Disease 2: Targeting Hosts
    Options for the Control of Disease 3: Targeting the Environment
    Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning for Exotic Disease Introductions
    Wildlife Disease Surveillance and Monitoring
    Disease Management in Endangered Mammals.


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    Default Re: Management of Disease in Wild Mammals

    Management of Disease in Wild Mammals
    1st. Edition, 2009

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