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Thread: Bovine Laminitis and Lameness

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    Bovine Laminitis and Lameness

    Bovine Laminitis and Lameness
    A Hands on Approach

    By Paul R. Greenough FRCVS

    • Publisher: --
    • Pages: 328
    • Publication Date: 2007-07-26
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0702027804
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780702027802


    This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Laminitis and lameness are the most significant diseases afflicting cattle. BOVINE LAMINITIS AND LAMENESS: A HANDS ON APPROACH PROVIDES veterinarians, researchers and cattle producers with an invaluable and handy resource for managing these problems. With a focus on investigation and control of lameness at the herd level, this book offers guidance on containing situations before they become severe problems within the herd. Based on the most recent research, it also explains how animal behaviour and inadequate production management play important roles in increasing prevalence of lameness and other metabolic diseases.

    • Written specifically for people who work with cattle, the book addresses the problem of lameness to help them advise on incidents of herd lameness
    • Includes detailed information on the anatomy of the foot as well as the pathology of the region and all conditions affecting the feet of cattle
    • Features research on the recent advances in livestock production technologies that have implications for causing lameness
    • Over 450 colour images are used to illustrate many disease-producing lesions and add clarity to many other topics
    • Accessible content with concise and comprehensive descriptions makes finding important information easy
    • Colour coded boxes in each chapter highlight vital information in 3 areas: Key Concepts, Technical Comments, and Glossary terms

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    Default Re: Bovine Laminitis and Lameness

    Bovine Laminitis and Lameness
    A Hands on Approach

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