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    Cool Evolve


    (I used false details - exemple - veterinary university in liverpool, false name, ..., veterinary student, ...)

    and then search for some books in resources.

    Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians, 2nd Edition

    Available Evolve Resources include (for students - even more for instructors):

    * Answers to Test Yourself
    * Samples of Lab Manual Exercises

    click register (allthough you allready are) and then again, tag that you agree, click submit, and then Get Started!

    Then find the book within My Resources, and click it...

    For this particulary book is awailable:
    Before You Begin
    Answers to Test Yourself
    Samples of Lab Manual Exercises

    I hope you will find any useful things that will help you while studying.
    For students there is not so much comparing with site for instructior. If you order stuff as an instructior I don`t know how far do you go, I know that your request is pending for approval.
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