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Thread: Emphasize the locking of any source & file hosts and it's id.

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    Thumbs up Emphasize the locking of any source & file hosts and it's id.

    Dear Members and Fellow Moderators,

    As you all know, all sources provided at this forum must be place inside the tag [HIDE],
    and as our former rule statement declares, any mention of a file host should be lock as well.

    So, We give emphasis to keep locking any sources provided, as well as, the mention and place of the info about the file hosts involved, like format and size.
    These sources, in case the thread had been lost, must be name randomly and
    They should not involve the name of the forum, the resource or password that points at us.
    e.g.: YES = 182730dhfsoe.pdf ( or .zip, .rar ) and NO = Handbook_of_Internal-Medicine(

    This rules will be strongly requested by Moderation and it will start by Moderation.

    You can address yourself to FAQ's Section and review all the threads dedicated to the matter.
    They all have been updated.

    Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.
    Moderation of VETeliB.
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    Rules are to Keep VETeliB Tidy to be Efficient, Practical, Friendly and Appealing.
    Apply Guidelines for Postings Mirrors!!
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