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Thread: Practical Lambing and Lamb Care: A Veterinary Guide

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    Smile Practical Lambing and Lamb Care: A Veterinary Guide

    Practical Lambing and Lamb Care
    A Veterinary Guide

    Pages: 272
    Publisher: --
    Edition: 3rd., September 2004
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1405115469


    This new edition maintains the impressive scope of the earlierbooks, but also incorporates as many of the latest husbandry andhealthcare developments as possible. Revised areas include: resuscitationof the newborn, prevention and treatment of parasiticgastroenteritis, prevention of infectious abortion, lambing underorganic management systems, safe use of medicines, the requirementsof the new sheep welfare codes and humane slaughter oflambs and ewes. Many of the original illustrations have also beenrevised, replaced or added to as necessary.


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    Default Re: Practical Lambing and Lamb Care: A Veterinary Guide

    Practical Lambing and Lamb Care
    A Veterinary Guide
    3rd. Edition, 2004

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