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Thread: International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds

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    International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds

    International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds

    By Bonnie L. Hendricks

    Publisher: --
    Pages: 486
    Publication Date: 1996-01
    ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0806127538
    ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780806127538
    Binding: Hardcover


    You will be surprised, as you read this book, to find the vast number of breeds described that come from what was the Soviet Union. And you will be rather more surprised to learn that more than a lifetime ago there were almost twice as many breeds in the Russian Empire, which comprised roughly the same territory. At the turn of the century the Imperial (now Russian) Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg published in French a comprehensive book, by Simonov and Moerder, on the horse breeds of the Russian Empire. I saw a copy only once but was most impressed. I seem to recall that there were about a hundred entries. Even more surprising to me is the number of Chinese horse breeds described in Bonnie Hendricks's book. I cannot sufficiently admire her industry and perseverance in obtaining information that must have been most difficult to come by, illustrations and all.

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    Default Re: International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds

    International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds
    1996 UPDATE

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