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Thread: Shrimp: The Endless Quest for Pink Gold

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    Default Shrimp: The Endless Quest for Pink Gold

    The Endless Quest for Pink Gold
    by Jack Rudloe and Anne Rudloe

    Pages: 272
    Publisher: FT Press
    Edition: 2009
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-0137009725


    The story of shrimp is as delicious as the creatures themselves. Renowned nature writers Jack and Anne Rudloe tell that story with passion, revealing a hidden history that has spanned millennia. You’ll discover the human stories and heritage behind centuries of shrimping, around the world; meet the most remarkable of the world’s 4,000 species of shrimp; come aboard ragged old shrimp boats, and spy on high-tech shrimp tanks; discover why shrimp may be a restaurant’s best friend, and a land speculator’s worst nightmare. You’ll meet people who love to eat shrimp, the fishermen who roam the seas catching them, and the aquaculturists who raise them in ponds, selling them more cheaply than fishermen ever could. You’ll gain powerful new insights into a conflict that’s as old as humanity itself: the conflict between hunter-gatherers and farmers. You’ll discover the vastness and diversity of both nature and humanity, as you travel from abandoned Mayan tombs to the California Gold Rush; from the heart of Cajun country to the English Channel. You will learn things you never imagined about microbiology and real estate, about economics and ecosystems. And, as you meet the people around the world who’ve caught, sold, cooked, and loved shrimp, you might just meet your own ancestors. Read this book, and you’ll never feel the same way about shrimp again: you’ll love it even more.

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    Default Re: Shrimp: The Endless Quest for Pink Gold

    Shrimp: The Endless Quest for Pink Gold

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