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Thread: IVIS: Encyclopedia of Canine Clinical Nutrition

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    Default IVIS: Encyclopedia of Canine Clinical Nutrition

    Encyclopedia of Canine Clinical Nutrition

    Pages: 506
    Publisher: --
    1st., 2007


    1. Obesity: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and Management of the Obese Dog

    M. Diez and P. Nguyen (Last updated: 15-Nov-07)
    Canine Obesity
    Treatments for Obese Animals
    Clinical Food
    Post-diet Monitoring
    Prevention of Obesity
    Owners' Questions and Questions Veterinarians should ask Themselves
    Examples of Home-prepared Diets for the Treatment of Obesity
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    2. Nutritional Dermatoses and the Contribution of Dietetics in Dermatology
    P. Prélaud and R. Harvey (Last updated: 18-Dec-07)
    Risk Factors
    Nutritional Dermatoses
    Nutritional Therapy in Dermatology
    Frequently Asked Questions - Influence of Food on Dermatology
    Examples of Home-prepared Novel Protein Elimination Diets
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    3. The Most Common Digestive Diseases: The Role of Nutrition
    A. German and J. Zentek (Last updated: 08-Jan-08)
    Digestive Tract Physiology
    Oropharyngeal and Esophageal Diseases
    Acute Gastrointestinal Diseases
    Chronic Diseases of the Stomach
    Gastric Dilatation-volvulus
    Chronic Diseases of the Intestinal Tract Causing Diarrhea
    Specific Large Intestinal Conditions Causing Diarrhea
    Chronic Diseases of the intestinal tract Causing constipation
    Frequently Asked Questions - Diet in Case of Digestive Complaints
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    4. Nutrition of Dogs with Liver Disease
    C. Rutgers and V. Biourge (Last updated: 22-Jan-08)
    Diagnosis of Liver Diseases
    Adaptation of Nutritional Intakes
    Nutritional Management Adapted to the Type of Liver Disease
    Frequently Asked Questions - Nutrition of Dogs with Liver Disease
    Examples of Home-prepared Diets Adapted to the Treatment for Liver Diseases
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    5. The Role of Nutrition in the Pathogenesis and the Management of Exocrine Pancreatic Disorders
    K.W. Simpson (Last updated: 3-Mar-08)
    Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
    Acute Pancreatitis
    Frequently Asked Questions - Pancreatitis
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    6. Diabetes Mellitus: Nutritional Strategies
    L. Fleeman and J. Rand (Last updated: 31-Mar-08)
    Diabetes in Dogs
    What to Feed Diabetic Dogs
    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Diabetes
    Examples of Home-prepared Diets Adapted to the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    7. Canine Hyperlipidemia: Causes and Nutritional Management
    P. Schenck (Last updated: 21-Apr-08)
    Lipid Metabolism
    Diagnostic Approach to the Hyperlipidemic Patient
    Causes of Hyperlipidemia
    Primary Hyperlipidemia
    Effects of Persistent Hyperlipidemia
    Treatment of Hyperlipidemia
    Frequently Asked Questions: Canine Hyperlipidemia
    Examples of Home-prepared Diets Adapted to the Nutritional Management of Hyperlipidemia
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    8. Chronic Renal Disease: The Importance of Nutrition
    D. Elliott and H. Lefebvre (Last updated:3-Jun-08)
    Classification and Etiology
    Clinical Consequences of Uremia
    Clinical Presentation
    Diagnostic Evaluation
    Nutritional Management
    Feeding Strategy
    Frequently Asked Questions: Chronic Renal Failure
    Examples of Home-prepared Diets Adapted to the Dietetic Treatment of Chronic Renal Disease
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    9. Nutritional Management of Canine Urolithiasis
    A. Stevenson and C. Rutgers (Last updated:17-Jun-08)
    Nutritional Management
    General Management of Urolithiasis
    Specific Nutritional Management
    Frequently Asked Questions: Urolithiasis
    Examples of Home-prepared Diets Adapted to the Dietetic Treatment of Urolithiases
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    10. Cardiovascular Diseases: Nutritional Modulation
    L.M. Freeman and J.E. Rush (Last updated:2-Jul-08)
    Diagnosis of Canine Cardiac Disease
    Treatment of Cardiac Disease
    Pathophysiology and Specific Issues of Nutritional Management
    General Issues in Feeding Dogs with Cardiac Disease
    Examples of Home-prepared Diets Adapted to the Treatment of Cardiac Complaints
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    11. Main Nutritional Imbalances in Osteoarticular Diseases
    H. Hazewinkel and J. Mott (Last updated: 17-Jul-08)
    Consequences of Nutritional Excesses and Deficiencies in Developmental Orthopedic Diseases and/or Osteoarticular Diseases
    Developmental Orthopedic Diseases Associated with Nutritional Excesses
    Developmental Orthopedic Diseases Due to Nutritional Deficiencies (Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism, Rickets)
    Frequently Asked Questions: Nutrition and Orthopedic Diseases
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    12. Canine Nutrition and Oral Health
    P. Hennet (Last updated: 30-Jul-08)
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Periodontal Disease and Oral Hygiene
    Role of Food in Oral Hygiene
    Frequently Asked Questions: about Kibbles with a Dental Function
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    13. Nutritional Status of Dogs with Cancer: Dietetic Evaluation and Recommendations
    J.J. Wakshlag and F.A. Kallfelz (Last updated: 12-Aug-08)
    Nutritional Assessment of the Cancer Patient
    The Role of Nutrition in Cancer and Cachexia
    Nutritional Considerations for Cancer and Cachexia
    Nutritional Intervention During Cancer Treatment
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Examples of Home-prepared Diets Adapted to the Treatment of Cancer Cachexia
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    14. Critical Care Nutrition of Dogs
    S.J. Delaney, A.J. Fascetti and D.A. Elliott (Last updated: 26-Aug-08)
    Indications for Nutritional Support
    Supplementary Tests
    Determination of the Best Approach Regarding Nutritional Support: Decision Trees
    Enteral Nutrition
    Parenteral Feeding
    Complications Linked to Enteral or Parenteral Feeding
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    15. The Social Role of Food and Behavioral Pathologies in the Dog
    G. Muller (Last updated: 10-Sep-08)
    Social Role of Food in Canine Societies
    Social Role of Food in Human Societies
    Social Role of Food in the Relationships between Humans and Dogs
    Behavioral Pathology and Food
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

    16. Integration of Nutrition into Clinical Practice
    S.J. Delaney and A.J. Fascetti (Last updated: 26-Sep-08)
    Maximizing Space
    Feeding Hospitalized Patients
    Advice on Diets
    Dietary Training
    Table of Composition of the Main Ingredients Used for the Preparation of Home-made Diets
    Royal Canin Nutritional Information

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    IVIS. Encyclopedia of Canine Clinical Nutrition.
    Updated 01/02/2014

    Hidden contents
    You must click 'Thank You' before you can see the data contained here. You DONOT have sufficient rights to see the hidden data contained here.
    Please Register to see contents.

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