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Thread: Effects of Pollution on Fish: Molecular Effects and Population Responses

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    Default Effects of Pollution on Fish: Molecular Effects and Population Responses

    Effects of Pollution on Fish: Molecular Effects and Population Responses
    by Andrew Lawrance

    • Publisher: -
    • Pages: 368
    • Publication Date: 2003-08-22
    • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0632064064
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780632064069


    The impact of pollution on fisheries and the potential health implications of eating contaminated fish are areas of considerable concern for the fishing and aquaculture communities, government bodies and the general public. Pollution, as well as over fishing, may well be contributory to recent serious declines in global fish stocks.

    Effects of Pollution on Fish brings together the work of many international experts each of whom have examined the literature on marine and freshwater fish and, where appropriate, invertebrates, to produce comprehensive chapters covering all major aspects of the impacts of pollution on fish and fisheries. The book describes these impacts in detail, from the molecular and sub-cellular level, through organism to population and community levels, and subsequently to socio-economic implications.

    The editors of this thorough and timely book have drawn together contributions encompassing molecular genetics, biochemistry, physiology, population and community biology, and fishery economics. As such, this important book will be of great use and interest to students and professionals studying and teaching in all those subject areas. Fish biologists, environmental scientists and ecotoxicologists, marine and freshwater ecologists, fisheries managers, aquaculture personnel and fish farmers, as well as fish veterinarians will all find much of great value within this book. Libraries in universities and research establishments concerned with these areas should all have copies of this book on their shelves.
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    Default Re: Effects of Pollution on Fish: Molecular Effects and Population Responses

    Effects of Pollution on Fish: Molecular Effects and Population Responses

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