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Thread: Color Atlas of Series of Medicine

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    Color Atlas of Series of Medicine
    by Silbernagl, Koolman, Greenstein, Passarge, Burmester, Riede.

    Series: 14 Volumen
    Publisher: --
    Editions: Varied
    Language: English
    ISBN: Varied


    This superb didactic color atlas series has been used by medical and health science students worldwide since its first publication in German in 1994. It has since been translated into 9 languages and has been revised and updated regularly ever since. Its unrivalled illustrations, concise text, and focused presentation all combine to create an excellent, high-yield study guide.


    Color Atlas of Biochemistry, 2nd. Rev. Ed., 2005
    Color Atlas of Cytology, Histology, and Microscopic Anatomy, 4th. Rev., 2003
    Color Atlas of Genetics, 3rd. Rev. Ed., 2006
    Color Atlas of Gross Placental Pathology, 2nd. Ed., 2007
    Color Atlas of Hematology, 2nd. Rev. Ed., 2004
    Color Atlas of Immunology, 1st. Ed., 2003
    Color Atlas of Neurology, 2nd. Ed., 2004
    Color Atlas of Neuroscience Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology, 1st. Ed., 2000
    Color Atlas of Otoscopy From Diagnosis to Surgery, 1st. Ed., 1999 & 2nd. Ed., 2002
    Color Atlas of Pathology, 1st. Ed., 2004
    Color Atlas of Pathophysiology, 1st. Ed., 2000
    Color Atlas of Pharmacology, 2nd. Rev. Ed., 2000
    Color Atlas Of Physiology, 6th. Ed., 2009
    Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy, 1st. Ed., 2004
    Differential Diagnosis in Ultrasound Imaging, 1st. Ed., 2005

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