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Thread: Colour Atlas of Vertebrate Anatomy: An Integrated Text&Color Dissection Guide

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    Default Colour Atlas of Vertebrate Anatomy: An Integrated Text&Color Dissection Guide

    Colour Atlas of Vertebrate Anatomy
    By Gillian M King, DRN Custance

    Publisher: --
    Pages: 136
    Edition: 1st., 1982
    Language: English
    ISBN-10 / ASIN: 063201007X
    ISBN-13 / EAN: 978063201007


    This book provides an introduction to comparative vertebrate anatomy for biology undergraduates. The information is presented in the form of colour photographs of step-by-step dissection stages, integrated with a text on comparative anatomy. Dissection plays an important part in understanding the anatomy of an animal and this book has been designed to make full use of the wealth of information made available through dissection. The accompanying text aims to outline the evolutionary and functional aspects of the anatomy revealed in the photographs and an additional text gives clear instructions on the execution of the dissection.

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    Default Re: Colour Atlas of Vertebrate Anatomy: An Integrated Text&Color Dissection Guide

    Colour Atlas of Vertebrate Anatomy
    1st. Edition, 1982

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    I found it, enjoy!
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